Noa Raviv is a New York based Israeli artist, who uses a variety of mediums to examine and reflect on the sense of reality in the context of a postdigital era.

Having worked in fashion for many years, her work is informed by the way one perceives their body and the disparity between their internal and external worlds.

Previously, her work was presented globally in exhibitions, including at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Israel Museum in Jerusalem and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. She was chosen to be included in the Forbes 30Under30 list, was selected by Vogue as one of the best young designers of 2016, and was the recipient of the Young Guns award in 2018. She is regularly invited to speak in universities and art institutions around the world.

Despite her success in the fashion world, she decided to turn to art making and lens-based work, knowing it will allow her to create more thought-provoking works and experiences, and engage with her audience in new and exciting ways. In her practice she mixes old and new media in order to tell complex narratives that blend the real with the imagined and turn the imperfect and mundane into poetical objects.